Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Report Published

In Florida, a great many statistics are gathered and published each fall. The workers' compensation law requires much of the reporting, and says that it shall be reported based on "fiscal year." The State of Florida operates on a fiscal year that begins July 1 each year. We are currently in fiscal 2017. To make this less confusing, we tend to hyphenate and refer to it as 2016-17. 

Last fall, the preparation of the 2015-16 Annual Report was punctuated by various requests for data and information regarding "the latest" information. As the prior year statistics were checked and prepared for publication, there were various inquiries regarding statistics since July 1, 2016. In an effort to provide information in a consistent format, for anyone to access, the Office of Judges of Compensation Claims prepared an abbreviated supplemental report regarding two frequent discussion points, case volumes and attorney fees. The report is available on the OJCC website, www.fljcc.org, under the "publications" tab and the "reports" sub tab.