Monday, October 22, 2018

Orlando Office Relocates

In the 1970s there was a sitcom of note. As did most televisions shows in that era, the Jeffersons came with a theme song. This one was entitled "Movin on Up." And I am reminded of that tune as the Orlando District Office moves this week from 400 West Robinson Street in downtown Orlando to our new location just over the Seminole County line: 

Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims
225 S. Westmonte Drive, Suite #3300
Altamonte Springs, FL, 32714

During the week of October 22, 2018 proceedings are likely to occur at the West Robinson Street office. Parties and attorneys should rely on communications from the presiding judge or mediator in this regard. Towards the end of the week, proceedings may instead be conducted at the new Westmonte Drive location. And, beginning the week of October 29, 2018 all proceedings will be at Westmonte Drive. 

Those who have experienced parking difficulties at the old Orlando office location will be pleased with the ample parking available at Westmonte Drive. On a recent visit there, over 100 vacant parking spaces were counted. 

Attorneys may have to make some adjustments. Primary among these will be the realization that OJCC judges and staff will be in secured office areas, and not generally accessible to the public. That is consistent with the evolution of OJCC office arrangements in recent years, but is a departure from the historical arrangements. Dropping in on staff to check on orders or filings is a thing of the past, and attorneys should adapt to checking the electronic platforms for such questions. 

We hope that everyone is better served with the new location. We invite you to come by and visit the the new Orlando District Office!


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